This Calendar is visited by an average of 5500 people per week
according to our weekly stats as of Feb 2013.
We also send to a e-mail list of over 5000
recipients weekly.
Our full list is available upon request, and is 15-20k and growing,
in the
Southern California Region.
See our History of Mailings in our Archives

Posting Events

Fees and Procedures for Posting Events
Read Carefully Below!

(In addition to Posting Fees a Guest or Press pass for 2 is appreciated if
possible we like to check out all the events being posted as much as we can)

(Allow 7 days to post, don't send last minute and expect it right away this site is manually done
That being said if last minute try me but have a .jpg flyer done and a phone# attached.

Postings $20-per event posted

What and How to Submit your Event
How to Submit your event at the moment is through E-mail only. (See e-mail Below)

What to send:
Best is a .jpg image flyer (prefered) Make the .jpg to the specifications of 10 x 15 and 80dpi.

OR a PDF file(2nd Best) or Word Doc (3rd) OR if plain text it must be
formated and enough informatin to be interesting if its a lot of text do it as a pdf.

(I do not post PDF files so they will be turned into a .jpg image)

For Regular weekly postings-Please talk to me about discount pricing!

Never let money be an issue if there is a concern please let me know,
...we can work something out.

And if your event is FREE benefiting a cause so is your posting.
..ONLY IF...
it is truly and ultimately free and not a promotion of any sort for
future sales, or creating followers or signups etc.
then I ask that you pay for the posting please.

Another way of Saying it is... Free events are when they are a one time
benefit for something or someone that is not an ongoing operation
or organization that receives future funds or followers from the Free event.

We reserve the right to refuse any services listed here if we decide it is not
appropriate for our viewers. Nothing personal just our own discernment.

Special Mailings

Special one time mailing exclusively targeting your event is $100 per mailing.
Sent to our 5k list. A few other banner ads are always present as well on the mailing.
Exclusive mailing Flyers dimensions are 10" x 15"

Our larger 15-20k list upon request is $300-$400

(Subject to availability)
Special shared mailing which highlights 2-3 events in one mailing is $50 per mailing.
This goes to the same 5k list only. Banner ads are always present as well on the mailing.
Shared mailing Flyers dimensions are 10" x 10"

For a History of our Mailings See our Archive of Mailings Here

Banner Ads

A Banner Ad linked to your site on any mailing is $50/per mailing.
Banners on the Coming Events page are $50/mo.
A Banner Ad that comes up with posted event pages on the Calendar are $100/mo.
A Banner Ad on our home page for 1 month is $200/mo. (only 200 x 300pixels size please)

When the ad area is saturated ads will share time rotating with other ads.

BANNER AD sizing needs to be in .jpg image format.
Banners must fit two basic sizes one long and thin the other shorter
The long and thin is 720pixels W x 90 pixels H at the most OR

The short and higher one is 200W x 300H if unclear contact me.
We can create any Banners or Flyers you want for an extra Fee based on $50/hr.

How to Start? Send your Request and Image Flyer in E-mail

Send your e-mail to
All entries will be posted upon payment received.
Be sure to say how you paid in your email as well as in your paypal payment comments area.
Paypal and Mailing instructions for checks listed below!

Payment Options: Check or Paypal
Please contact me if money is an obstacle for you or the tickets requested are an issue.
To contact me e-mail me at

For all payments use Paypal or send a check.
If sending from your paypal account directly
send to:

1: Pay via PayPal click on the button below
( you will have to create an account with them but its easy)

2:Sending a check make it out to: InnerNet Communications
and mail to: 1930 W. San Marcos Blvd., SPC-247, San Marcos, Ca 92078
with your event title and date on the memo line as well as a note with your phone#

3. Call to use credit card direct: 760- six three four- 5080

Love, Peace and Blessings
Doug De Stefano